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How do I get my Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate issued? Print

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Extended Validation SSL:

Because of this highly trustworthy authentication process, browsers display the “branded address bar,” which includes the verified brand name of the company operating this site adjacent to the URL at the top of the browser interface. The company name in the branded address bar indicates that the identity of this site operator is highly trusted information and reveals the specific identity of the company operating the site.

You want the Highest Level of Validation...Good for you!!  The rules of EV issuance are mostly the same across all CA's. This is because of the CA/B (Certificate Authority and Browser) forum. The CA/B forum is the CA's regulatory body, run by the Certificate Authorities and the web browsers. They make sure SSL certificates interact and behave the same across all browsers. There are baseline requirements for ALL issued EV certificates.

  • Domain Ownership/Authentication
  • Organization Authentication
  • Operational Existence
  • Certificate Request Form and Subscriber Agreement
  • Physical Address
  • Final Verification Call

The MORE accurate the information when creating the order...the faster the certificate is issued. Remember, we must validate the organization is REAL!! Therefore, we must have accurate, verifiable information...for example, organization telephone number (NOT cellphone or desk line),which can be found on reputable online databases (not the company's website), headquarters address, FULL organization name (NOT DBA or Acronyms), etc.
Timely completion and submission of the EV documents (Subscriber Agreement and Certificate Request Form) will dramatically cut issuance time as well.

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